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Prices and Packages

Please note, we do not work with any medical insurance but we are happy to provide superbill for insurance reimbursement

 Dr. Nott offers option for in-house treatments (10 mile radius from our address, $30 charge for further distances) 

New Client Consultation (30 minutes reservation) - $90 (Free for 18 y/o and under)

Consultation is Necessary for All New Clients if not sure on type of therapy choice.


Acupuncture (1.5 hour/30 minutes reservation) - $255 

New Client (Consultation, Full Body Acupuncture and 2 Adjunctive Therapies (up to 2 therapies)

Follow up (30 minutes reservation) - $90/$300 package of 4

Adjunctive Therapy at Additional Cost


Peptide Injection Therapy - $620-$2,100

Peptides are used for variety of health concerns. New client consultation is included. 


Prenatal and Postnatal Therapy (1.5-2 hour reservation) - $175 /$600 package of 4 

Full Body Acupuncture Designed For Prenatal/Postnatal Care and TDP (electro magnetic minerals) therapy.

Recommended Weekly. New Client Consultation is Included. 



Adjunctive Therapy (30 minutes reservation) - $90 /$300 package of 4

Cupping, Guasha, or TDP (mineral heat therapy). Can be Used with Acupuncture Treatment or Alone. Choose up to 2 therapies in one visit.

Consultation is Required for All New Clients. 


The Works (2 hours reservation) - $350

For New and Existing Clients. Includes New Client Consultation, Face and Body Manual Modeling, Acupuncture, Adjunctive Therapy, Acupuncture Point Injection (not cosmetic), Herbal/Supplement Consultation

Holistic Injections (30 minute reservation) - $175/$600 package of 4

All New Clients Required To Reserve a Consultation Prior this Therapy.

Can be Used with Other Treatment or Alone.



Holistic Aesthetics: choice of Cosmetic Acupuncture, Homeopathic Collagen Injection Therapy or Medical Micro Needling  (1-2 hour reservation) - $175 /$600 package of 4

Only for Face and Neck Cosmetic Therapy. New Client Consultation is Included


Face and Body Manual Modeling (1-1.5 hour reservation) - $255 (New Client)/$175 (Follow Up)

Manual body work includes lymph drainage, visceral release, abdominal massage, trigger points, Thai massage, Tui Na, acupressure, intraoral work for chewing muscle relaxation, and specialty manual tools to enhance the results



Weight Control Therapy (1.5 hour reservation) - $600 

30 day therapy

Includes 4 weekly MICC injections with take home Weight Control Duo supplementsI

ncludes New Client Consultation


Insomnia Trio (1 hour reservation) - $255 *save up to $150

Full Body Acupuncture, Acupuncture Point Injection of Homeopathic Remedy, and Take Home Herbal Medicine for Insomnia. Includes New Client Consultation


Five Vitamin B-Complex Injections (30 minutes reservation) - *save $40

Buy Four B-Complex Injections and Receive One


Community Acupuncture

Relax and  Detox on Yoga Mats. 

Locations and Times are Regularly Updated on Our Website and Facebook page.


Comprehensive Stool Analysis - can be billed by the lab to medical insurance

Client is required to have a consultation prior to the lab order, and follow up consultation for results explanation and therapy plan

Client is responsible for the cost of recommended supplementation therapy.

Please Note that Initial Consultation is Included with All Package Deals 

Deals Will Be Honored at The Time of Reserved Therapy

Roots and Branches Healing Center LLC reserve the right to change cost of therapies at any time without notice.

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