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Face and Body Manual Modeling


This is a manual therapy and not a treatment. This therapy can be helpful for face or body swelling, uneven shoulders, emotional release, postural neck hump, turtle neck, drooping contour of face or mouth corners, facial muscle spasms, jaw tension, constant bloating, scar pulling and more. Combination of several therapies into one to help you feel and look your best. Face and Body Manual Modeling includes lymph drainage, visceral release, abdominal massage, trigger points, Thai massage, acupressure, intraoral work for chewing muscle relaxation, and specialty manual tools to enhance the results. 


What to expect:

  • Pictures of the whole body (in undergarments) will be taken before and after the therapy for the record and evaluation of the progress. Pictures are stored as part of the medical record and are confidential.

  • Doctor uses manual manipulations working with the whole body to help improve appearance of your face, posture and more. 

  • Sometimes removal of limited clothing is required and sheet is provided for covering. 

  • Recommendations will be given individually including proper posture at home/work, necessary exercises, foot wear, diet and so on.  

  • Due to increase in blood flow and lymph drainage there are some cautions to this therapy. Not recommended in fallowing conditions: active skin lesions, bleeding disorders, sharp body pain, respiratory disease, varicose veins, thrombosis, cancer, tuberculosis, venereal disease, mental illness and other.

  • Before and after: hydrate, supplement with vitamin C and Zinc, always prefer movement over stationary. 

  • After: some clients experience increased sweating or urination, gastrointestinal upset, nausea or chills.

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