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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine 

Herbal medicine was used before the acupuncture in China. Herbal remedies can be used for chronic or acute conditions, from common cold to arthritis. They can be used alone or in addition to any other offered therapies. Traditionally, the prescribed herbal remedies were cooked and taken as tea. In modern society, manufacturers create various forms of herbal medicine and can be taken as granules, pill or capsule. 


What to expect:

  • Your doctor will evaluate your need, medical history and list of current medications/supplements. Prescription will be given for your specific needs.

  • Instructions on how to take the medicine will be given. Sometimes instructions differ from the instructions on the bottle/box, and it is important to fallow your doctor’s recommendations to avoid unpleasant side effects. 

  • Some herbal medicines can be taken for a long time and some only for a short time. Your doctor will let you know when to stop taking it and reevaluate as needed. 

  • Please note that not everyone is a good candidate for herbal medicine. Examples include multiple pharmaceutical medication intake, chronic or uncontrolled kidney or liver disease, uncontrolled diabetes, serious psychological disorders, and other. 

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