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Medical Micro Needling
Micro Needling Hyperpigmentation Results

Medical Micro Needling 


Medical micro needling is a therapy that is performed by a practitioner with doctorate degree. Medical Micro Needling is deeper than cosmetic micro needling allowing for peptide absorption. We use high quality rich blend of growth factors, moisturizers, proteins, and vitamins designed to brighten skin tone, smooth, soften, firm, tone elasticity, and improve fine lines, wrinkles, and overall skin texture. We use sterile rollers with over 400 micro-needles comparing to cosmetic micro needling pen with about 12 needles. Roller needles have hexagon shape (6 sides) stimulating enhanced healing, product absorption and more collagen production. 


What to expect: 

  • Numbing cream is applied for comfort after the skin has been cleaned and prepped. Limited body acupuncture/body work included while numbing is in progress. 

  • Only professional grade single use micro needling rollers are used on face and neck (décolleté at extra charge). 

  • High quality peptides are applied to be absorbed into the skin. 

  • Cooling skin products are used after the therapy to help soothe the skin.

  • Direct exposure to sun is strongly prohibited for a week after the therapy. 

  • For best results and depending on the skin needs, 3 minimum repetitive treatments 2 weeks apart are recommended. I recommend to do 3 minimum and reevaluate if more are needed. 

  • Not recommended if following conditions exist, but not limited to: recent cosmetic fillers/Botox/thread lifts/plastic surgery, active acne.

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