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GUNA Homeopathic Collagen

Homeopathic Collagen Injections

Guna Collagen contains diluted and dynamized collagen D6, a pure collagen extract of animal origin (Guna S.p.a., 2011). Guna Collagen gives the added boost of protein that will dramatically improve the compactness of the extra-cellular matrix. Collagen strengthens the dermis by improving the structure of microfibrils, elastin fibers, and anchor cells that connect to other connective tissue within the skull and facial area. The stronger the connective tissue is within the dermal layer, the less likely you are to form deep wrinkles and sagging areas of skin. Guna Collagen will help you maintain a lifted appearance as you age!

What to expect:

  • Dr. Nott will evaluate medical history including taken medications, client's concerns and desires from the therapy. 

  • It is recommended to not wear make up. Face will be cleaned prior injections. 

  • High quality homeopathic collagen will be injected in wrinkles. 

  • Redness and bruising is possible after the therapy.  

  • For best results and depending on the skin needs, 4 minimum repetitive treatments 1 week apart are recommended, and reevaluate if more are needed. 

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