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Fire Cupping

Add-ons or Adjunctive Therapies

It's important to know that choices of adjunctive therapies will vary based on the individual's condition, the doctor's expertise and the specific treatment goals.    

     Gua Sha – localized massaging of the skin and underlying tissues with a gua sha tool to increase blood flow, promote circulation, release toxins. Effective for neck/shoulder pain or stiffness, any area that needs increase of blood flow to improve movement and release tension.


     Cupping – fire cupping, also known as cupping therapy, is an ancient practice that uses localized suction to promote healing. Fire cupping is a popular therapy used through the centuries to treat many health conditions. Cups are placed on the skin to create a suction for therapeutic effect. Option for running or stationary cupping. Effective for back and hip pain, muscle aches, tension pains, after work out treatment, improve circulation, respiratory relieve, relaxation therapy and more. Can be used alone or in addition to acupuncture. 


     Electro acupuncture (only used with acupuncture) – additional safe and painless stimulation of acupuncture needles to increase effectiveness of the treatment. In leu of manual stimulation, the device is connected to the needles and creates light pulsating sensation. Effective for pain, spasms, tightness, neuropathy, numbness, tingling and more.


     TDP - electromagnetic spectrum lamp with mineral plate that is comprised of 33 trace minerals carries ions deep into the body. It is placed over the body area for therapeutic effect. Used to move blood, stimulate healing, and deliver oxygen to the cells.


     Moxibustion - type of heat therapy in which moxa is burned near the surface of the skin to promote blood flow and remove toxins. Smokeless moxa is also an option in the form of gel or cream. Used for pain, digestion issues, infertility, UTI, arthritis, cold, flu and more.


     Auricular acupuncture - auricular is also known as ear acupuncture. Ear is one of our body’s microsystems representing the whole organism. It can be used for treatment of various conditions/disorders. Effective for anxiety, high blood pressure, alcohol/tobacco cessation, insomnia, physical conditions and more.

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